About this service

We will help you upgrade and increase your dropbox storage size with an additional 16GB. This will be done via referrals.¬† Dropbox offers 500mb to each referral till you hit 16GB where you can’t receive any more space. We will help you get these referrals until you hit the 16GB maximum.

We will provide slow upgrades which can take up to 30days to receive your full 16GB storage. This is to avoid dropbox not to recycle the upgraded storage if it’s done too fast and it is safer for your account as well.

You would receive Free upgrade of 500mb per referral until you hit the upgrade limit(extra 16GB). Random upgrade with 500mb-1gb per day, you would receive an email notification in your inbox.


You would receive upgrades via your dropbox referral link. So when checking out please include your referral link in the form

To get your referral link login in https://www.dropbox.com/referrals and click copy link. see the image below.


Money-back guarantee is available if you do not receive the storage upgrade!